Japanese movies tend to portray Japanese dads as male chauvinists who never step into the kitchen if they can help it and have little interest in raising their kids. Consider Yasujiro Ozu’s timeless classic “Tokyo Story.” Sure, Chishu Ryu played a kind and gentle patriarch — but did he once help the women in his family or even get his own tea? That’s a big negative and it applies to countless screen fathers and many real-life ones, too.

But now papaben, or bento made by papas, are trending. There are a lot of recipes out there (online and in bookshops), geared specifically for Japanese dads who have taken the plunge into the world of bento crafting. And now there’s a movie about it: “Papa no Obento wa Sekai-Ichi,” which can be translated as something along the lines of “Papa Makes the World’s No. 1 Bento.”

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