When global creative agency UltraSuperNew was thinking up a way to involve its client Heineken beer in a promotional campaign, it decided to throw a monthlong party.

"There aren't that many rave parties or block parties in Tokyo right now," says UltraSuperNew digital producer Shimpei Kimura. "There's a lot of restrictions with the clubs and whatnot. But I guess the main idea is that if you want to have fun and you want to have a party, just gather with your friends and open up a bottle of Heineken beer and get the party going. Nobody's gonna stop you."

In line with the beer company's global "Shape Your City" initiative, UltraSuperNew launched Hai-Ne-Ken, which, when spelled in Japanese kanji, consists of the characters for "cheers" (hai), "sound" (ne) and the space where it all takes place (ken).