Uh-oh! What have the young women of Kamen Joshi gotten themselves into?

On Sunday the idol group, whose name in English means Masked Girls and which is made up of 18 members in three separate teams, released a video titled “Kamen Joshi: Idol Magic for Trump M-A-G-A!” in which seven of the members sang and danced in an effort to “M-A-G-A,” or “make America great again.”

The title is in reference to one of U.S. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s campaign slogans, though a Japanese statement included in the video’s description says the video is for “entertainment purposes only” and “in no way reflects the political views or beliefs of the group members or their management.”

Responses sent to Kamen Joshi’s Twitter and Facebook accounts was mixed: some people found it funny, but some did not. One user, @shouraii, wrote, “Dear girls … trump … is a racist.”

The Japanese lyrics in the Kamen Joshi song don’t actually match the English slogans scrolling along the bottom of the video. Those short sentences make reference to “meme magic” and “power level is over 9,000,” the latter of which was a popular Internet meme spawned by anime series “Dragon Ball Z.”

However, some of the so-called Trump memes the group chose to include — “build the wall” and “we want to come america legally” — both refer to controversial statements the Republican front-runner has made and are considered to be anti-immigrant.

“Idol Magic for Trump” isn’t the first musical tribute to Trump, as earlier this year the Freedom Girls entertained a rally in Pensacola, Florida.

Though obviously tongue-in-cheek, Kamen Joshi may be courting controversy with its latest video.

Perhaps, in a bid to even things out a little, the other members of the group may want to put out a video tribute to the two Democratic presidential candidates, Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton.

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