In Clothes Called Fat


staff writer

Food’s the best. But peer pressure can make us do weird things, and when plump office worker Noko Hanazawa discovers that her boyfriend is bonking the blonde waif from work, she decides to take desperate measures. It’s time to lose weight, no matter the cost.

In Clothes Called Fat, by Moyocco Anno Translated by Vertical.
Vertical, Manga.

But… Food is just so lovely. Cake and cookies and sandwiches and sushi — rather than give up all that good stuff, bulimia seems an easier way, and as every purge makes her skinnier, happiness seems assured. Three guesses how that turns out.

Though the perfunctory English translation renders the story a little flat, Moyoco Anno’s manga explores the psychological side of eating disorders in a believable way, and reminds us that health and happiness do not come from blind conformity.

  • Thresa Teitz

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