Les Reines du Ring (ママはレスリング・クイーン)
Director Jean-Marc Rudnicki
Language French (subtitled in Japanese)
Opens July 19

French mothers have a reputation for being smoking, skinny bundles of alluring discontent, decked out in black dresses and heels.

But now comes “Les Reines du Ring” (“Wrestling Queens”) — a delightful tale about a French mother who only wants her teenage son’s approval and decides to take up wrestling to get it. Directed by Jean-Marc Rudnicki, “Les Reines” gives us Rose (Marilou Berry), the 2.0 version of the French maman. Rose never wears dresses; she’s the type to relax on the sofa with a bag of Frito-Lay chips. But boy is she hot. Hot in wrestling tights and bad makeup, and bellowing French profanities while attempting a cobra twist on her opponent.

“Les Reines” is the anti-“Desperate Housewives.” Rose and her other wrestling pals ditch any notion of kick-starting their hormones and resetting their love lives, and instead they go all in for good, screaming fun. And luckily wrestling burns calories like gasoline-soaked trash. Rose discovers that while she is up there in the wrestling ring, all her worries and hangups fade into the thick, gummy air, filled with the noise of cheers and gongs. Go girl … I mean, go maman!

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