Island breaks in the city


Staff Writer

Even if you don’t have time to leave the city, there’s nothing to stop you taking an island break this weekend. Tokyo Island Fair Shimajiman 2014 is presenting the lifestyle of Japan’s islands Oshima, Toshima, Niijima, Shikinejima, Kouzushima Miyakejima, Mikurajima, Hachijojima, Aogashima and Ogasawara using three key themes: good food, fun and relaxation.

Try fresh seafood dishes, including sashimi, sushi and lobster miso soup, and enjoy cocktails made from the islands’ liquor and fruit juices, or visit Konika Minolta’s small planetarium to view the starry skies of the Izu and Ogasawara islands. Sumida Aquarium in Tokyo Skytree Town is also introducing Tokyo’s island sea creatures, which you can watch and sometimes even touch.

To relax, massages and nail-care treatments using Tsubaki (Camelia) oil are available, as are “beach” yoga classes with view of Rainbow Bridge.

Entertainment on stage includes taiko drumming and Japanese traditional dancing, while the celebrity Sakana-kun, who is also known as a fish researcher, will lecture twice on May 25.

Shimajiman 2014 takes place at Takeshima Passenger Ship Terminal in Tokyo, on May 24 and 25. Admission and participation is free, but some attractions require extra fees. For more information, call 03-3470-2573 or visit www.islands-love.com/shimajiman2014.