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the Hiatus “Keeper of the Flame”


Staff Writer

With fourth album “Keeper of the Flame,” the Hiatus chose to emphasize digital production, moving away from the more organic style of natural instrumentation found on its previous release, the “Horse Riding” EP. The change comes alongside a reshuffle in the band’s membership and has resulted in a more dramatic atmosphere overall.

Album opener “Thirst” features danceable beats and techno-inspired keyboard sequences, making the switch to electronics somewhat of a mission statement for the rest of the listen. “Something Ever After” and “Unhurt” both begin with keyboard in a style reminiscent of tracks off of previous full-length “A World Of Pandemonium,” but the guitars are less dominant here. A similar effect permeates the album highlighted by closing track “Burn To Shine,” which features delayed keyboards echoing through an ambient space. All in all, the Hiatus has made a pretty good jump from the mosh pit to the dancefloor.