Let’s get one thing clear: Women want to lose weight. Even if they’re rail thin, women still want to be skinnier than they are. That is, everyone except German actress Marianne Sagebrecht, who wears every one of her pounds with regal grandeur and walks into each scene as if she owns the movie.

The last time we saw Sagebrecht in a major film production was “The War of the Roses” in 1989, since then she’s been in a few smaller films, and roles for German TV. Her breakthrough movie was the iconic “Bagdad Cafe” in 1987, when she played a German tourist in the American Midwest, the largeness of her girth and heart injecting a little happiness in the locals’ lives.

Now that formula is repeated in “Omamamia.” In her mid-60s, Sagebrecht has taken on the role of Oma Margeurita, a sweet widow who decides to be adventurous for once in her life and goes off to Rome. Her plan: to meet and be blessed by the pope.

In the process, she hooks up with a grandaughter, is proposed to by a con artist and helps out an ailing German restaurant. Fantastically life (and weight) affirming.