Enjoy giant sushi rolls with Chiba’s best rice


Staff Writer

Enjoy what Tako in Chiba Prefecture has to offer this Saturday at the Iki Iki Festa Tako 2013, where local produce including the town’s famous Tako-mai rice, will be available for purchase directly from the farmers.

Tako, located near Narita airport, is known for its abundance of fresh agricultural produce, and its vegetables, fruit and crops are often sold in Tokyo’s supermarkets. On Nov. 23, the town celebrates the harvest season with rice-cake giveaways, bingo games, talk shows featuring local radio DJs, and special sales of rice and vegetables.

A cooking session where participants can make their own dorayaki pancakes using local rice flour will also be held.

Those with big appetites should arrive early and register in advance to take part in rolling the festival’s 22-meter long sushi-roll. Only the first 60 applicants will be able to take part, though the sushi will be served to everyone while the supply lasts.

Iki Iki Festa Tako 2013 takes place on Nov. 23 from 9 a.m to 3:30 p.m. at the community center in Tako, Chiba Prefecture. Most events are free of charge. If it rains, the festival will be postponed to Nov. 24. For more information contact the organizers at 0479-76-5404.