Ticket giveaway from Sohnokai noh, kyogen performances

The Tokyo-based noh group Sohnokai is offering five pairs of tickets to its noh and kyogen show on Sept. 23.

Two plays will be featured:  a kyogen (traditional comedy) titled “Sadogitsune (The Fox of Sado),” about a farmer who bribes a bureaucrat into fooling another farmer to believe a fox lives on the island of Sado; and a Hosho School noh play titled “Fujito,” about a medieval samurai warrior who gets accused of killing a fisherman who helped him win the battle of Fujito in what is now Okayama Prefecture.

Performances will be held Sept. 23 at Hosho Noh Theater, in Tokyo’s Bunkyo Ward, from  1 p.m.

The deadline for entry is Sept. 13. Use this form to apply for tickets. 

Note: The contact information of winning applicants will  given to the Sohnokai noh group, who will the tickets directly. For further information, call (03) 3452-3599.