Restaurant tour to provide diners with a taste of Shimokitazawa


Staff Writer

Imagine eating all you want at a restaurant and then walking out the door without paying — only to simply head to another restaurant for more food. I’m not recommending a dine-and-dash situation, it’s an event in Tokyo this weekend.

This Sunday, visitors to an all-you-can-eat event called Machi Perori in the capital’s Shimokitazawa neighborhood will be able to jump between seven different restaurants — eating and drinking as much as they please — all for the price of just one ticket. Participating restaurants will be offering special menus featuring their best or their most popular dishes. Alcoholic beverages will also be available, and live music will keep diners entertained throughout the evening.

The aim of the Machi Perori event committee is to stimulate the local economy and create neighborhoods that don’t depend on government support. Although the event’s roots are in Chiba, this is the second installment being held in Shimokitazawa, and the committee wants to see the model spread to local communities across the country. In addition to leaving the event with a full stomach, it’s hoped participants will discover a new favorite restaurant or dish, prompting them to another helping in the future.

So before you start worrying about all the calories you’ll consume, remind yourself that it’s all for the good of the economy. Whether you’re looking to stuff your face with great food or just wanting the chance to explore the neighborhood, Machi Perori will be one of those activities that helps people strengthen a sense of community atmosphere that this crowded metropolis can sometimes lack.

Machi Perori takes place in Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, on July 21, from 4 p.m. till 7 p.m. Tickets cost ¥4,500 for men and ¥3,900 for women in advance. There will also be special deals for tickets bought in groups. For more information, visit machi-perori.info/shimokitazawa (in Japanese).