‘Sound of Noise’


“Music For One Apartment and Six Drummers” was a great conceptual art piece in which six rather serious looking Swedes invade a couple’s flat and begin to play clockwork rhythms out of everything in it: blenders, pot-lids, switches, toothbrushes, razors, floss, you name it. This was a great, fun sketch at 10 minutes (and you can still find it on Vimeo or YouTube), but they’ve now stretched the idea out to feature-length, where it more than out-stays its welcome.

“Sound of Noise” follows a group of anarchist drummers who invade public spaces to perform guerilla-style pieces, and the music-hating cop who pursues them. It’s a conceit typical of conceptual art that they imagine themselves so subversive — Wanted by the police! Hated by classical musicians! — for merely playing music on found objects, something that has long since taken to the mainstream by The Blue Man group et al.

Sound of Noise

A bigger problem is the fact that these musical pranks aren’t performed live. Invading an operating room and making music using all the equipment would be impressive … but not when it’s clearly dubbed, having been pristinely cut-and-pasted in some digital software, and even less so when the results sound like pretty average glitchy techno music.