“Taro Shinoda: Homo Sapiens Sapiens”



Staff Writer

In 2007, Taro Shinoda started a project titled “Lunar Reflection Transmission Technique,” for which he explored the moon via an astronomical telescope. Shinoda focuses on the relationship between us, human beings, and the moon, the only natural satellite of earth, which is also observable from anywhere on the planet.

We not only look at the moon, the moon also looks upon us, claims the artist who has made it his mission to show us that though it appears unchanging, the moon in fact reveals different expressions — depending on from where it is viewed.

This exhibition presents not only Shinoda’s lunar paintings and related video footage, but also a telescope that he used to observe the moon; till Nov. 2.

Taka Ishii Gallery; (03) 5646 6050; 1-3-2, Kiyosumi, Koto-ku, Tokyo; Kiyosumi Shirakawa Station, Toei Oedo Line. 12 noon-7 p.m. Free admission. Closed Sun. and Mon. www.takaishiigallery.com/en/exhibitions/2012/taro_shinoda