“Hideo Nagai Solo Exhibition: Painkiller …”

Sept. 29-Oct. 27


Staff Writer

In 2001, Hideo Nagai surprised the world with a giant sculpture of a half-naked wrestler who was stretched out like a plank between two walls and appeared to be writhing in pain at his gravity-defying feat. The scale and visual impact of the sculpture was an example of what later became his main motif, the exploitation of the human figure.

Nagai continues to pursue this theme, but now, instead of working on typically large-scale sculptures, he has been experimenting with a number of other mediums, including drawing and photography. With his sense of humor as perceptible as ever, Nagai presents insight into the relationship between mind and body; Sept. 29-Oct. 27.

Gallery Nomart; (06) 6964-2323; 3-5-22 Nagata, Joto-ku, Osaka; Fukaebashi Station, Chuo Line. 1:00 p.m.-7:00 p.m. Free Admission. Closed Sun. and holidays. www.nomart.co.jp.