If you’re a TV personality, it’s not enough to be smart or athletic. You have to be both, as evidenced by the special “Takara Sagashi Adventure Nazotoki Battle” (“Treasure-hunting Adventure Riddle-solving Battle”; Nippon TV, Monday, 6:57 p.m.), which pits a team of Olympic medal winners against a group of comedians and idols led by professional wrestling icon Antonio Inoki.

The two teams compete through six stages of an “Indiana Jones”-like adventure that concludes in a mummy’s tomb. Each stage presents a physically difficult situation, such as climbing up a steep grade, squeezing through a narrow space, or clambering over rocks, during which the contestants answer trivia questions.

This is Yayoi Kusama’s year. The 83-year-old avant-garde artist, famous for her polka-dot attire and electric pink wigs, recently set a world record for the highest prices commanded by a living female artist when some of her work was auctioned off. Her paintings and sculptures, which also feature the characteristic polka dots, were honored with an exhibition at the Tate, making her the first Asian artist to enjoy a one-person show at the prestigious London gallery.

NHK follows Kusama in the documentary special “Sekai wo Mizutama de Umetsukuse” (“Filling Up the World With Polka Dots”; NHK-G, Friday, 10 p.m.) as her show goes from the Tate to France and New York, and she works with fashion house Louis Vuitton on products being sold on five continents. The special shows how Kusama remains active even as she battles mental illness.

CM of the week:

7 and i Holdings: Retailing giant 7 and i Holdings is investing more in specialty product lines, including Body Heater, a line of warm, acrylic-blend clothing.

Two members of idol group Kis-My-Ft2, Yuta Tamamori and Taisuke Fujigaya, show up for the CM shoot wearing Body Heater shirts. SMAP member and Johnny’s Jimusho senpai (senior) Shingo Katori, already on the set, impulsively runs his hands over his younger colleagues’ chests saying how good the fabric feels. Suddenly a quartet of women enter, also wearing Body Heater tops, and Katori’s hand stretches out to touch, but the younger idols hold him back, preventing a possible sexual-harassment scandal.

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