“Oyamazaki Villa’s Hospitality: Big Tea Ceremony with Mitate Used by Rikyu and Monet”



Staff Writer

Since its relocation in the 16th century, Taian — the only known surviving tea room believed to have been built by tea master Sen no Rikyu — has been housed in Oyamazaki in Kyoto.

Oyamazaki Villa Museum of Art, also a historical building, is celebrating Sen no Rikyu and the French Impressionist Claude Monet with an exhibition featuring tea-related utensils, ceramics, sculptures and paintings.

With around 100 items on show, the exhibition imagines what it would be like if Claude Monet, who was strongly influenced by Japanese art, had been a tea master. On display are Western works — including Monet’s “Water-Lilies” — alongside those of Japanese artists.

This exhibition is held in collaboration with the 26th National Cultural Festival in Kyoto 2011, which will take place from Oct. 29 to Nov. 6. From Nov. 3 to 6, tea ceremonies will be held at the museum as part of the festival (no reservations necessary, ¥300); till Jan. 9, 2012.

Asahi Beer Oyamazaki Villa Museum of Art; (075) 957-3123; 5-3 Zenihara, Oyamazaki-cho, Otokuni, Kyoto; 10-min. walk from Yamazaki Station, JR Kyoto Line, or Oyamazaki Station, Hankyu Kyoto Line. 10 a.m.-5 p.m. ¥900. Closed Mon., Dec. 26-Jan. 2; open holidays and closed the following day. www.asahibeer-oyamazaki.com.