Staff Writer

Your show was packed.

Yes. I never expected it to be like that; I prefer to think it’s going to be hard, a challenge every time. So it was a really good surprise. Sometimes when the emotion is too intense I can cry on stage, and today I was almost crying.

When you were dancing around in your catsuit, it made me think you should release an aerobics video.

Ha ha! I don’t practice a lot. I try to stay healthy, but … Yeah, why not? It’s good to have something to fall back on.

How are you finding Summer Sonic?

Yesterday in Osaka, we had the chance to watch Metronomy and to walk around the festival. I hope to have time later today too, and I want to see the Red Hot Chili Peppers for sure. The first time I came here I was really impressed. We have lots of big festivals in Europe, but nothing like this. People are really organized and they take care of everything and respect the rules. Nothing like that could happen at an English or French festival. It’s a real honor for us to play here again.

Were you worried to come from France to Japan after all the news about radiation?

You know, I think if it was dangerous they would have canceled the whole festival. So I didn’t think about that. I thought that if the festival is going ahead then we have to perform, because people have to continue their lives. I think they need that here maybe more than in other countries, because they are dealing with something very difficult and they need entertainment (to take their mind off things). I think it’s important in hard times to have things like that.