Photojournalist group show off their best


All across Japan people are ringing in the new year with visits to hometowns, prayers at temples and bowls of soba. It’s a good time to look ahead, but also a good time for looking back — that’s where the Tokyo Press Photographers Association comes in.

The association will hold an exhibition in order to review the news and events of 2010 through press photography. The exhibition will display 280 press pictures that photojournalists who are members of the association took in 2010. These range from nature-specific shots to Japan’s most glorious World Cup moments.

The Japan Newspaper Museum, also called Newspark, is located in Yokohama. It houses archives and facilities that teach about the news-gathering process. Yokohama is also where the first Japanese daily newspaper was printed and published.

“2010 Hodo Shashinten (Press Photography Exhibition 2010)” takes place from Jan. 8-Mar. 6 at The Japan Newspaper Museum in Yokohama. It is open from 10 a.m. till 5 p.m. Admission costs ¥500. For further information, call (045) 661-2040 or visit newspark.jp/newspark.