Staff writer

Festival season in Japan is sadly winding down, but festival staple Ego-Wrappin’ are just getting started.

After wowing audiences at two of Japan’s biggest outdoor music events (the Fuji Rock Festival and the Rising Sun Rock Festival), the duo, comprising of vocalist Yoshie Nakano and Masaki Mori on guitar, have once again hit the road. In conjunction with the release of their new album “Naimono Nedari no Deddo Heeto,” (“Crying for the Moon Dead Heat”) the pair, joined by The Gossip of Jaxx, will be steaming up more than 18 venues as part of their Dead Heat Tour.

Not many artists in Japan are capable of infusing so much heart into their songs, let alone hit the notes that Nakano can with such infectious self-assurance. The duo say they don’t believe in conforming to musical genres, which has led them to create a sound that covers a range of styles from Showa pop to rock, ska and even a dash of jazz.

The musical versatility on “Naimono Nedari no Deddo Heeto” reflects the band’s desire to tackle what Japanese culture considers to be the four core human emotions: ki, do, ai and raku (happiness, anger, sorrow and enjoyment). On one end of the album’s musical spectrum is the elemental “Hako Bune” (“The Ark”), which features a soulful Nakano performing a nostalgic ballad. “Brand New Day,” on the other hand, features the pair plus The Gossip of Jaxx exploding with an organic energy that ego-wrappers have surely come to expect and love.

While the duo started their tour in Tokyo last week, fans in the capital will get a second chance to see them when they wrap up their tour at Shin-Kiba’s Studio Coast on Oct. 31.

Ego-Wrappin’ and The Gossip of Jaxx play an extensive Japan tour, with a show at Hiroshima’s Club Quattro on Sept. 24. (7 p.m., ¥4,500 in advance) For more information, visit www.club-quattro.com or www.egowrappin.com