Originally from Fukuoka, Tokyo-based trio Bo-Peep have impressed locals at the likes of Fuji Rock and garnered high praise overseas at renowned events such as South by Southwest in the United States and England’s The Great Escape Festival. “Vibe” is the ladies’ third album proper.

Clocking in at a mere 25 minutes, Bo-Peep go with an “all killer, no filler” approach with the lean, seven-track “Vibe.” Some brief digital noise ushers in the fittingly titled opener, “Power.” A strong drum beat from Ryoko Nakano starts the cut with guitarist Mika Yoshimura and bassist Kaori Takebayashi soon joining in as the band lock into a tightly wound, infectious hard rock groove. Yoshimura’s ragged yelps add a punk edge to the raw, noisy standout. Incorporating a melodic, pop element into their heavy sounds, “Power,” and the equally dynamic second song “Junction Guerilla,” could just as easily incite a dance party instead of a raucous mosh pit.

The other tracks on “Vibe” tend to steer more clearly toward only one of the lively directions mentioned above. “She” is a massive blast of lo-fi, fuzzed out bliss that vintage metalheads will relish. Their teenage daughters will enjoy the cleaner, polished production of the radio-friendly, electro-driven “Let Yourself Go.”

Bo-Peep plays on July 9 at Shibuya’s Duo Music Exchange in Tokyo. For details, visit www.bo-peep3.com