Join the fun of Japan Fashion Week


Don’t look now, but we’re in the midst of Japan Fashion Week — the twice-yearly rag-trade fest that sees dozens of local labels flaunt their stuff in a series of shows at Roppongi’s Midtown and other Tokyo venues. They’re currently parading what we’ll be wearing in Spring/Summer next year.

How presumptuous! And they don’t even let us see what they have in store — the gigs are all by invitation only. But don’t despair: In addition to these insider-only events, there’s one that is open to the public — JFW in Tokyo x Shinjuku Takashima.

The Shinjuku branch of the major department store has created special boutiques on their 1st and 2nd floors to sell clothes by groundbreaking JFW designers — direct to the public — until Sept. 9.

They’ve even been considerate enough to adjust the seasons for us — dragging out stuff that was shown at the last JFW by the likes of GVGV, Motonari Ono and mint designs as part of their ’08-’09 Autumn/Winter collections.

The trove of knowledge that is The Japan Times’ Web site ( www.japantimes .co.jp ) contains reviews from six months ago of the very clothes that will be on sale this weekend. Try these on for size.

Misha Janette on GVGV: “Yards of fabric parlayed into a world of magic and fantasy, in superlong maneau capes, armor breastplates, and girls’ bodices.”

Paul McInnes on Motonari Ono: ” ‘New erotic’ clothes blending the kinkiness and restriction of S&M, the lace involved in maid costumes and the sensuality of contemporary women as embodied by American It-girls.”

More information on “JFW in Tokyo x Shinjuku Takashima” can be found at www.takashimaya.co.jp/Shinjuku