America’s rightwing bloviators like to go on about “liberal Hollywood.” They have half a point, but they neglect to notice that for every “Erin Brockovich” or “JFK,” there’s a “300” or “Top Gun.” It’s just that the rightwing viewpoint tends to be subsumed as flag-waving patriotism or military superiority under the aegis of “entertainment” (see “Transformers” for a recent example), whereas leftwing films tend to be more overt about their politics.

The Poster-boy and punching bag for “liberal Hollywood” these days seems to be George Clooney; never afraid of airing his views, he’s started putting them in films. 2005-2006 saw the double whammy of “Good Night and Good Luck,” an anti-McCarthyism newsroom drama directed by Clooney, and “Syriana,” the power-politics/big oil expose in which Clooney starred and produced.

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