Pink “I’m Not Dead”


The title of Alecia “Pink” Moore’s latest album is meant to be confrontational, but it’s also confusing. Dead? Sure, she got married, and some of her ‘tween fans might assume it amounts to the same thing. Or maybe it’s because her last album only did platinum instead of multi-platinum? Not as self-consciously punky as her previous release, “I’m Not Dead” is just as action-packed, especially during the statements of empowerment and, of course, those sassy songs of sage advice for all her young fans. (“Girls, don’t buy push-up bras!”)

Less fun are the anti-Bush message song, the poor-little-rich-star ballad and the “conversation” with her “13-year-old self.” They definitely dribble over into melodrama, though nothing she sings rings absolutely false. If anything, her determination to be as emotional as she wants to be distinguishes her not only from the Christinas and Jessicas, but also from the Bonos and Chris Martins, who aren’t nearly as convincing when they try to sound this candid and honest.