Because it's prepared each day and takes so long to cook, the brisket is not offered at lunchtime. But with the chicken, the meaty back ribs or the chopped pork ("It's given a vinegar rinse, in the South Carolina style"), there's still enough choice.

A lively and welcoming cafe-bar, art space, alternative music venue and community nexus, the Pink Cow has many facets. It's also a home away from home for the foreign community.

If you find yourself in the Korakuen neighborhood, it is certainly worth making the detour to find this diner, with its classic American-style ambience and roadhouse fare.

GHG is the latest project of Newfoundland-born chef Don Foley, known to all true-blue Canadians for his culinary prowess at Salty Box Grill over the last few years. He specializes in keeping things simple, using fresh ingredients and a strong emphasis on plenty of ...

The food menu is plentiful, and picking out favorite dishes is no easy task. The 4 Way Sampler (¥1,290) is a great option for groups, with onion rings, calamari, chicken wings and the ominously named (but delicious) fowl balls.

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