A "New York-style bar," The Corner is keen to put the gourmet into burger making, as every patty is handmade and every bun spread with a unique secret sauce.

The soup of the day was seafood chowder, sweet and creamy but without any noticeable bits of seafood. It came with salad, mostly greens, and three silver-dollar-style pancakes, each featuring an Elk stamp.

Rib steak, bangers and mash, lamb chops, simmered tripe: At Butcher Brothers, meat is much more than just an option; it's the main event, the reason you're there. And with a name like that, what else would you expect?

The pancakes at the Tokyo outpost of Oahu's popular Cafe Kaila are indeed very good. They are light and fluffy but not at all vapid; they're incredibly filling and include a surprisingly generous amount of fruit.

It also does several excellent varieties of poke, a salad of raw, marinated seafood and chopped vegetables. But the restaurant's strongest point is its lively selection of daily specials that keeps it steps ahead of Tokyo's one-trick-wonder Hawaiian joints.

You can order the chicken in quarter or half sizes (to eat in or to go), with a side of french fries, onion rings, rice or corn. The other exciting thing on the menu is the Maui Wowie, a hot sandwich of shredded chicken ...

All the patties are prepared in-house from 100 percent wagyu (Japanese black Angus cows -- hence the name, an abbreviation of "black cow"). The buns are from the celebrated Maison Keyser bakery. And there's a tasty range of fillings, from spicy jalapeno to Italian-style ...

You can make a very worthy meal of it all, from entree, salad and main course through to dessert. But there's nothing to stop you taking a more casual approach, just ordering up a selection of snacks, salads or pizzas to pass a mellow ...

Because it's prepared each day and takes so long to cook, the brisket is not offered at lunchtime. But with the chicken, the meaty back ribs or the chopped pork ("It's given a vinegar rinse, in the South Carolina style"), there's still enough choice.

A lively and welcoming cafe-bar, art space, alternative music venue and community nexus, the Pink Cow has many facets. It's also a home away from home for the foreign community.

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