Review excerpt: Locale sources its pork from Kagoshima and lamb from Hokkaido and veal from a ranch in Iwate. Look out for her Saitama quail, too.

Review excerpt: Henry's Burger Akihabara has developed a 100-percent wagyu burger that is rich, juicy and distinctively different from any other in town, especially the recent wave of premium American chains.

Review excerpt: At Southern Peas, carnivores can go for gumbo, but don’t neglect the barbecue spare ribs, which come slathered in a rich red wine sauce.

Review excerpt: Instead of boosting the beef patties with artificial additives, more natural, umami-rich ingredients are used at Umami Burger, such as soy sauce and porcini mushrooms. The basic eponymous burger is served with shiitake, roast tomato and a crisp disk of Parmesan cheese.

This casual all-day cafe has its own bakery — turning out excellent cakes, croissants and hearty, wholesome sourdough bread — and it also has a fine little deli section offering American classics of past and present, from meat loaf and pastrami to red-lentil hummus, ...

58 Diner's isn't a gimmick, but a good burger: a thin homemade meat patty made from lean beef and accompanied by red cabbage, fried onions and a layer of scrambled egg all enclosed in a bun.

The food menu is plentiful, and picking out favorite dishes is no easy task. The 4 Way Sampler (¥1,290) is a great option for groups, with onion rings, calamari, chicken wings and the ominously named (but delicious) fowl balls.

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