The name may be considered a little misleading, as VegeVege does have its fair share of meat and fish dishes, but the entire menu is infused with home-grown goods and local products, so everything available is crisp and garden-fresh.

Brewmaster Brian Baird has pulled out the stops with his beers. Along with his regular offerings — Rising Sun Pale Ale, Angry Boy Brown Ale and Shimaguni Stout — he is producing several limited-edition ales especially for the Nakameguro location.

In the evening, the mosquitoes and other bugs make the outdoor tables less enjoyable. But for lunch or a leisurely afternoon tea (as we extolled in this column), it would be hard to find a finer or more stylish spot than this.

Our latest favorite watering hole in the city is Pivoya, a small pub that specializes exclusively in beer from the Czech Republic. It's in a quiet, out-of-the-way locale but definitely worth tracking down.

Bon Marche Q looks too hip to bother with food, but this sleek little standing-only boite offers rather more than the basic bar snacks.

The drinks list is split between wine (20 by the glass from ¥500; far more by the bottle, from ¥2,500), sake and shochu, and the food spans a similar divide, encompassing carpaccio, sashimi, stews, kushiyaki grills and three or four kinds of pasta.

Pancakes; muffins, eggs scrambled or sunny side up, with a great choice of trimmings; and, for the seriously famished, a Power Breakfast that means what it says: two eggs with country sausage, crispy bacon, grilled tomato, mashed potato, various veggies and cheese -- all ...

Comprising a deli-bakery, a 20-seat cafe section and a food store, with a restaurant upstairs, this is the first outpost in Japan of the UK's poshest purveyor of natural foods. And with its bleached-pine decor and Scandinavian-design furniture, it's a perfect fit for this ...

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