The 3,400 yen set dinner comprises six separate courses, including two hors d'oeuvres (one hot, one cold); fish (currently pan-fried isaki); meat (roast lamb); then two separate desserts plus coffee. This must be one of the best bargains in the city.

If it's Kumazawa's Shonan Beer you want to sample, not sake, then Trattoria Mokichi is definitely the better option. The menu is casual, beer-garden Italian, with pride of place given to the new wood-fired pizza oven that was installed earlier this year. They also ...

There are those who make regular pilgrimages here expressly to revisit the antipasti misti. The primi piatti are also seriously good, especially their own hand-crafted pasta. The potato gnocchi (with a sauce, perhaps, of broccoli and homemade sausage) are not to be missed.

Just about all of his dishes feature cheese in one form or another. Indeed, Mori was named a chevalier of France's Confrerie du Taste-Fromage, making him Japan's first ever "knight of cheese." Those who share his enthusiasm can order his ¥7,000 top-of-the-line "cheese course" ...

This friendly diner/restaurant, which opened back in July, occupies the bottom two floors of a new building, with racks of farm-grown vegetables arrayed outside the front door, each box identified by the name of the prefecture and the farmer who supplied it.

This is full-flavored, no-nonsense cooking that goes straight to the point, with no attempt at over-finessing. There is a good, compact list of Sicilian wines to go with it, including several by the glass.

Throughout, everything is prepared and presented very competently. Flavors are muted and portion sizes small -- that is to say, perfect for nibbling the evening away, rather than gourmandizing. It is best not to arrive too hungry.

Volo Cosi is not a spur-of-the-moment, drop-in kind of place. You need a reservation (at a minimum one week ahead; at this time of year, a month or more). There is only one sitting, so you never have the sense of being hurried.

More than anything, it is Guiliano's easygoing atmosphere that gives the wine bar its air of authenticity. Finding good cucina with wine to match is not so hard in this city. What impressed us was the level of enthusiasm, the warm welcome and sense ...

After 20 years in Tokyo, he achieves a fine balance between the rich, sensuous recipes of his native Tuscany and the subtlety of flavor and presentation of his adopted homeland.

Pick a region of Italy: The chances are you will find its cucina somewhere in the city. Sicily is well represented. So too is Sardinia, thanks to Tharros, a cheerful, bistro-style eatery in the heart of Shibuya.

A simple lunch counter serves fresh pasta, soup and salads, and two young pizzaiolos tend to a squat wood-fired oven that wafts wonderful aromas through the store and into the mini-piazza.

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