Perhaps it is the Japanese influence, but the food here does not suffer from the heavy sauces and overly rich flavors that can at times beleaguer French cuisine. Ai to Ibukuro offers a true culinary experience for the entire family, and will have baby ...

Tonino was set up by (and named for) a trained pizzaiolo of considerable skill from Ischia, in the Gulf of Naples. Although he has left now, his influence lingers in the quality of the pizzas.

Saru calls itself a "fresh bistro." That means comfortable, confident cuisine blending farmhouse French and trattoria Italian, based around quality ingredients all sourced from within Japan, especially from Nagano, the home prefecture of owner Nobuyuki Saruta.

With 20 taps running in the bar, there's a beer to suit every taste. In addition to the six main beers, four other taps will be special editions, some exclusive to BrewDog bars. The establishment also features beers made by other breweries all over ...

The overarching influence is Italian cooking, border-hopping to France, but most dishes have a Japanese stamp on their passport -- specifically Kyoto.

Kaiserhof does a number of German classics, such as eisbein (pickled ham hock), spatzle (pasta-like dumplings) and a whole lot of wurst (sausages). The latter are served on hot cast-iron pans with sauerkraut, flavored -- appropriately -- with caraway seeds. There's apfelstrudel (apple strudel) ...

The menu at Zum Bierhof isn't as extensive or as fancy as at Kaiserhof, but you can get currywurst (and it's cheaper, at ¥1,029). Both Kaiserhof and Zum Bierhof serve beer from Hofbrauhaus, Munich's famous 400-year-old beer hall (though at a hefty mark-up).

Konig is steps from Inokashira Park and also does other picnic-ready items such as grilled sausages and leberkase ("liver cheese") sandwiches; there is also a fridge full of German beers.

On the subject of sausage, another German friend recommended Chozumeya Kamakura, a takeaway counter that does a brisk trade in hot-off-the-grill handmade sausages.

Linde has a truly impressive selection, including such hearty staples as roggenvollkornbrot (100-percent rye bread) and muslibrot (bread stuffed with oats, seeds and dried fruit -- just like muesli baked into bread) and lighter confections, like Berliner (jelly donuts).

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