Review excerpt: Spice Lab Tokyo balances the maximalist complexity of Indian recipes with Japanese cuisine’s understated grace.

Review excerpt: For more than a decade, Tama has been the place to come for one of Tokyo’s more unusual menus, a unique and stylish hybrid that it calls Ryukyu-Chinese.

Review excerpt: Factor in some strong local Japanese influences at Stand Banh Mi, and the result is some of the most satisfying Vietnamese food in all of Tokyo.

Review excerpt: The menu at Yaumay is the same at both lunch and dinner — and it all fits on a single sheet, rather than over several pages, making it much easier to plan out your meal.

Review excerpt: Kerala no Kaze II offers a small tiffin menu (a la carte items), including idli (rice cakes), vada (savory deep-fried donuts), uppma (semolina porridge), plus some of the finest dosa pancakes in the city.

Review excerpt: There are no statuettes of Hindu deities or keening Bollywood soundtrack music at Tandoor Bar Kamalpur. Instead it feels as comfortable as a local izakaya tavern.

Review excerpt: Don’t let the sticky floor deter you because Kyoto's Lucky Gyoza has a great range of delicious dumplings and is worth a visit.

Review excerpt: The kimchi at Kimchi no Mizuno is a family recipe that came from South Korea and has been handed down through generations.

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