It’s no secret that the Danes have aced the maritime industry. Maritime organizations comprise about a fourth of Denmark’s total exports, with gross value pegged at 96 billion Danish krone in 2017 (¥1.75 trillion).

Wencon is a significant industry contributor, with over 37 years of experience and a global reputation in the protection, rebuilding and repair of vessels for the maritime and offshore industries.

The Danish company manufactures epoxy products designed to repair or protect surfaces exposed to galvanic corrosion, cavitation, wear or breakage — basically any surface where seawater meets metal.

“Historically, ship owners were inclined to replace parts rather than repair them. We’ve seen a shift, where engineers ask if a part can be repaired instead of replaced. Our repair methods save up to 98% of carbon emissions and 90% of expenses, and turnaround is 10 times quicker than other methods. Over decades, we’ve helped customers with our solutions and products,” Erik Wendelin, board member, founder and owner of Wencon noted.

The company first focused largely on Europe, but has since expanded to Asia and the Middle East and is currently widening its market in Japan. “The Japanese market is quite new for us. We’ve been working through a distributor in Singapore, supplying to NYK and Japanese shipowners. We would like to actually cooperate with local distributors in Japan; there’s a lot of opportunity there,” Wendelin said.

Wencon is not only known for its superior products, but also for providing customers with comprehensive, workable solutions. The brand’s website is an in-depth, step-by-step problem-solving guide, with search functions that enable easy access.

“We try to enlighten our customers on possibilities and solutions for technical problems that they experience aboard ships. We sell our ability to help our customers, rather than the product itself. This philosophy, our way of business, we hope lines up with the Japanese way of thinking and would be understood by a Japanese partner very quickly.”