The 65th anniversary of the Commerce Agreement between Australia and Japan is an opportunity to reflect on the strong and enduring ties of trade, diplomacy and friendship between our two countries.

I acknowledge the visionaries who drafted that agreement in 1957. In their wisdom, they foreshadowed the enormous future of Australia and Japan as partners in our region. Those early negotiations on imports and exports were the foundation of today’s relationship of commercial trust and reliability.

The Hon. Scott Morrison MP, Prime Minister of Australia | © OFFICE OF THE PRIME MINISTER
The Hon. Scott Morrison MP, Prime Minister of Australia | © OFFICE OF THE PRIME MINISTER

I have said many times that our friendship is an achievement. It speaks to the best of our people and it stems from a realization that prosperity and security are found in partnership.

As special strategic partners, Australia and Japan are responding to regional dynamics and global imperatives. We are working together to address key challenges, including the impact of COVID-19 and climate change, and cooperating on technology, infrastructure and security.

Coordinating our response to the regional impacts of a global health crisis is our duty as global citizens, particularly in our shared region, including the Pacific and Southeast Asia.

The strong trade relationship between Australia and Japan in energy, resources, agricultural and manufactured goods, not only provides enormous social and economic benefit to our citizens, but will also support new efforts on renewable energy and low-emissions technologies as we transition to a low-emissions future.

The enduring nature of the relationship between Australia and Japan carries across leaders, business, industry and people. As friends and partners, we embrace the prosperity, peace and security that flow from our cooperative action.

Congratulations to The Japan Times for its ongoing excellent work on the economic and bilateral relationship between Australia and Japan. Together, we are stronger than ever.

The Hon. Scott Morrison MP<br />Prime Minister of Australia<br />December 2021

The Hon. Scott Morrison MP
Prime Minister of Australia
December 2021