The San Antonio region and its eight surrounding counties have nurtured long-standing relationships with Japan since the 1980s. The steadfast commitment has yielded a steady influx of Japanese companies to the state, the most prominent being Toyota.

For more than 40 years, San Antonio has made sure that, while promoting the benefits of the area, it can also meet the requirements of Japanese companies for qualified workers, thus providing a smooth transition and opportunity for growth.

The entry of Toyota has caused a positive ripple effect, sparking interest among other major companies and Japanese investors. Since Toyota announced its move to San Antonio, Tesla, Navistar and 30 Japanese companies have decided to transfer to the region.

A regional economic partnership, greater:SATX is a one-stop business resource for both Japanese and non-Japanese companies facilitating access to their required workforces, facilities, government support, supply chain, education and business community connections.

Beyond business, greater:SATX and San Antonio also promote cooperation in research and cultural exchange between the region and Japan in line with its vision of holistic development. Through four decades, San Antonio’s leaders have developed a solid relationship built on mutual trust and respect.

“We are a community of hard workers. San Antonians are loyal and we value our relationships. That’s who we are as a majority-Hispanic community,” said greater:SATX President and CEO Jenna Saucedo-Herrera.

“Our attributes align well with Japanese culture and values. Japan has a rich history and legacy, and we are grateful to the Japanese companies who choose to invest in our community. We look forward to welcoming additional Japanese businesses to the Greater San Antonio, Texas, region,” Saucedo-Herrera added.