Located in the San Antonio, Texas region, Brooks has attracted various international companies due to its proximity to the U.S. border with Mexico, thus making it economical and easier to access the Central and South American markets.

Since 2018, Nissei America Inc. has remained Brooks’ flagship locator and a great example to other Japanese companies looking to relocate to the San Antonio area.

“If Yoda-san is happy with his experience in San Antonio and what Brooks has done for Nissei, he will tell other Japanese executives. And that will mean more than anything we could do,” said Brooks Development Authority President and CEO Leo Gomez about Nissei America President and Representative Director Hozumi Yoda.

Brooks assures Japanese companies that they will be able to find the right type of workers because they have invested continuously in the development of a highly skilled workforce that can meet the various needs any company may have.

Thankful for the trust Nissei has put in them all these years, the Brooks Development Authority remains open to all companies looking for an attentive guide, a business-friendly environment and a new community to call home.