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Having established its reputation as a “super premium” whiskey across Europe and North America, Walsh Whiskey has set its sights on the Japanese market, which has a well-known affinity for the drink. Opened in 1999, the Carlow-based whiskey company is excited to introduce its diverse portfolio to adventurous whiskey aficionados in Japan.

“For Walsh Whiskey, Japan is the jewel in the crown in Asia. We want to see our brand there before we venture out to other neighboring territories. Japan is central to our plans and will act as our reference point for the entire region,” said founder and CEO Bernard Walsh, who plans to make only super premium whiskeys.

“We’d like to add value and give Japanese whiskey enthusiasts more value for what they are paying for by giving them something extra in the bottle,” Walsh added.

In 2019, the distillery partnered with Lead-off Japan as its exclusive importer. Since then, Walsh Whiskey has grown its brands, “Writers’ Tears” and “The Irishman,” among Japanese consumers and can be found in more select retail outlets and bars, a clear sign of the mutual fondness for whiskey and a shared business culture.

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“We started that partnership and we’re very happy. As a partner, they are completely transparent and they understand us. They are just good people to work with,” Walsh said.

Ahead of the celebrations for the coming New Year, Walsh Whiskey and Lead-off have launched a special promotion exclusively for the readers of this article in The Japan Times.