After a one-year-long absence in Greece, Japanese gaming giant Nintendo found a new partner, CD Media S.E. and granted the 27-year-old corporation the exclusive distribution rights in Greece, as well as the Balkan region and neighboring Turkey.

Having weathered an extended economic crisis, CD Media gained Nintendo’s vote of confidence and has kept its other partnerships and employees because of the steady leadership and vision of CEO Spiros Giamas.

The company is also the long-standing distributor for video game developer Capcom in Greece and the rest of the Balkans, as well as a partner of Square Enix, Konami and PolyTechno.

“We really do get along very well with Japanese companies. I’m not sure what it is exactly. It just works very well for us. There’s more loyalty and if you get loyalty and you give loyalty, there is mutual respect,” Giamas said.

The CEO has expressed his readiness to form new partnerships with more Japanese gaming and entertainment companies.

“One of the important things CD Media provides is easy access to markets within the region for any company that needs or wants to be there. We have products in all of the key retailers in all of our territories. Name any key retailer in any country we represent, we can be there for you,” Giamas said.