Starting as a maker of dry noodles in 1950, Myojo Foods found much success after it began selling instant ramen, particularly its world-famous Charumera line. Having grown steadily in Japan for decades, Myojo Foods and JFC International (a subsidiary of Kikkoman Corp.) formed a partnership in 1991 to distribute popular Japanese food products across the United States.

Headquartered in Chino, California, Myojo USA started with udon before eventually adding ramen and yakisoba, as well as gyoza and wonton wrappers to its offerings. Unlike its parent company in Japan, which sells dry instant noodle products, Myojo USA’s products are made fresh, then packaged frozen before they are delivered to customers across North America.

Myojo USA caters to two customer bases: food service and retail. Its food service products are fresh noodles packaged in bulk and sold to a variety of restaurants and ramen shops. Its retail products, meanwhile, include ramen, udon and yakisoba, as well as  gyoza and wonton wrappers, with its most popular being the Goku Uma Premium Ramen.

After nearly 30 years in the noodle business, Myojo USA is embarking on a rebranding process that will involve their first retail packaging redesign. It also launched a website with more information about its products and set up social media platforms, like Instagram, among others. Through social media, Myojo hopes to spread its love for Japanese noodles and share its knowledge of lesser known dishes, such as hiyashi chuka, a summer-time cold noodle.

With over 100 different types of noodles in its product catalog, Myojo USA has a noodle for every type of dish, like the tsukemen and mazemen, which are gaining popularity in the United States. It has also developed unique and colorful vegan noodles that bring a fresh twist to traditional Japanese dishes.

Through hard work and passion for noodles, Myojo USA is confident it will soon become a household name in North America.