For more than 40 years, Fuji Natural Foods has actively advocated for higher food quality and safety standards in the United States. Beginning its operations in 1979 as a sprout grower in California, Fuji has developed a food safety plan that has played an important role in the company’s success.   

Determined to provide customers with the highest quality and safest sprouts possible, Fuji carried out a risk analysis and determined which sprouts it would continue growing.  Also, an unflinching commitment to its community and customers has paid off. Today, Fuji Natural Foods is the country’s largest sprout producer and a highly valued member of Ontario, California.

Aside from meeting U.S. Food and Drug Administration standards, Fuji Natural Foods also uses technology from Japan to pasteurize seeds before sprouting and reduce chemical usage.

“We produce a variety of sprouts – mung bean, soy bean, pea and radish – all staples of healthy, timeless cuisines. We supply many different customers in California and Arizona, from local produce markets, wholesalers, restaurants and grocery stores,” Fuji Natural Foods President Katsushiro Nakagawa said.

“It is essential that we create products of great quality while adhering to the industry safety standards upheld in Japan. For example, our products pass our strict shelf-life tests. Before our sprouts leave the facility, we run a series of tests to confirm if they’re safe to eat and frequently undergo third-party food safety audits, as well as constant training,” Nakagawa added.