With more than 150 years of successful business relations, Japan and Denmark continue to share the vision of a brighter future between their countries.   

“Japan is one of only five countries in the world that Denmark has entered into a strategic partnership with. We hope our collaboration will lead to new opportunities for both Danish and Japanese businesses,” said Simon Kollerup, Denmark’s minister of industry, business and financial affairs.

According to Ambassador of Japan to the Kingdom of Denmark, Manabu Miyagawa, the country has been playing an instrumental role in the latest negotiation of the economic partnership agreement between Japan and the EU that was effectuated in February 2019.

“This paved the way for both Japanese and Danish companies to increase their investment in each other, which shows the positive collaboration between both countries.”

Aside from solid economic ties, Miyagawa said that the two countries also share an excellent bilateral relationship that has lasted for more than a century and a half thanks to cordial and friendly exchanges between Japan’s imperial family and the royal family of the Kingdom of Denmark.  Most recently, Their royal highnesses the crown prince and crown princess of Denmark attended the enthronement ceremony of his majesty the emperor of Japan in Tokyo last year.

Meanwhile, Denmark’s maritime industry is considered as the core of its economic activities and is globally recognized thanks to the country’s advanced technological innovations.

“Denmark is currently the fifth-largest shipping nation in the world. Last year alone, our exports hit an all-time high with an estimated export (worth) $31 billion,” said Anne H. Steffensen, CEO of Danish Shipping.

Andreas Nordseth, director general of Danish Maritime Authority remains positive that Denmark would be able “to provide guidance and encouragement in the development of more efficient and greener technology.”

Kollerup also says that Japan and Denmark will continue to be closely associated with each other due to their similar values.

“The focus on quality is an important similarity that both Japan and Denmark benefit from when it comes to trade,” he said.