The Wyoming Infrastructure Authority (WIA) was set up in 2004 to facilitate the development of infrastructure and technologies related to the electricity industry in the state. Because of that mandate, it plays a vital role in supporting, advocating, and promoting the responsible and sustainable use of Wyoming’s energy resources.

“We are looking at our energy exports, such as building new plants and increasing opportunities to export coal primarily to Asian countries, and supporting the development of new technologies in the energy sector to help carbon management, capture, sequestration and utilization,” WIA Executive Director Jason Begger said.

“While we recognize that Wyoming has abundant fossil energy resources, we need to promote those technologies, especially now that society is looking for low carbon sources of energy,” he said.

In line with those objectives, Begger visited Japan twice in September to seek like-minded Japanese companies looking to invest in Wyoming. On his first trip, he was a guest of Japan Coal (JCOAL), which hosted a Clean Coal Day event. During his second visit, he attended the Post-Combustion Carbon Capture Conference in Kyoto.

Having recently formed partnerships with JCOAL and the Kawasaki Heavy Industries, WIA is determined to contribute to the state’s economic growth with the help of Japanese expertise and investment.