Nestled in the mountains east of Greater Seattle, Moses Lake Industries has retained all the charms of small–town America, giving visitors a sense of peace and simplicity. Yet, it soon becomes clear that the city is not your average small town. It is well connected to major interstates with top institutes of education and an impressive electricity-generating reservoir. It is also home to four renowned Japanese companies.

Moses Lake Industries, a wholly owned subsidiary of Tama Chemicals, initially set up its operations there in 1984 because of significantly lower operating and manufacturing costs. But the company later appreciated the ease of doing business in Moses Lake. Over the last 10 years, Moses Lake Industries recorded positive growth, with figures over the last six years reaching double digits.

“The global semiconductor industry has been key to many other businesses especially in recent years due to the higher demand for artificial intelligence, ‘internet of things,’ automated vehicles and so on. Other factors have also played a part. For example, in Moses Lake, land and electricity are also relatively cheaper,” Moses Lake Industries President Hiroyuki Era explained.

“However, the true strength of our company is in our employees and our commitment to them. We are a legacy company, proud of having hired many families and are thankful for being part of their lives,” Era added.

When Era was transferred to Moses Lake in 2001, it had 45 employees. Today, it employs nearly 10 times that number. While business has risen tenfold, the company has remained flexible and is always ready to serve its customers.