OSM Norway has seen great success in the country ever since it was established in 1989.

Norway gave the company an opportunity to expand its business when it started its operations in Arendal.

“Arendal is strong in maritime and shipping due to its maritime heritage and stable environment, which is why companies like us thrive there,” said Geir Sekkesaeter, managing director of OSM Norway. 

With an initial focus to supply seafarers, OSM Norway eventually grew to become a company that provides full-service solutions to the global maritime and offshore industry.

“We cooperate closely with a number Japanese companies within the maritime and offshore segments. Our focus is to further expand our ship management services,” shared Sekkesaeter.

Looking forward, OSM Norway plans on expanding its operations due to its rapid business growth.

“OSM in Arendal has had significant growth for the past six months. By next year we will operate about 80 advanced vessels like shuttle tankers, shuttle carriers, VLCCs and smaller tankers, while our offshore operations will focus on accommodation units and FSOs,” stated Sekkesaeter.

Despite the company’s advancements, OSM Norway credits its success to its people and its client relationships.

“We have developed our products and practices to be efficient, transparent and digitized, but people are our top priority,” mentioned Sekkesaeter.

“In OSM we have a slogan: ‘It’s all about people.’ Trust is very important. You can have all the advanced IT and digitalization in the world but in the end, it’s a people business,” he concluded.