Japanese oil giant Idemitsu Petroleum Norge celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2019 and continues to unearth new ways to contribute to the Norwegian oil industry. 

Since it started its operations in 1989, Idemitsu Petroleum Norge’s main source of oil has been the Snorre field, in the Tampen area in the southern part of the Norwegian Sea.

As the oil production of Snorre gradually decreased over the years, the company discovered oil in the Duva field, located in the Norwegian sector of the North Sea.

“Our main field had always been in Snorre since we started in 1989. Our new discovery, the Duva field, where we will start oil production during the first quarter of 2021, is a good example of how we are moving along with production sustainability,” said Hiroshi Arikawa, managing director of Idemitsu Petroleum Norge.

Despite all its achievements in Norway, Idemitsu Petroleum Norge recognizes the contributions of its headquarters in Japan.

“We have cooperated with our Tokyo headquarters as they have been providing us with technical and commercial support ever since we started our business here in Norway,” shared Arikawa.

As well as growth, Arikawa said there are bigger plans for the company in the future, including a more environmentally friendly approach to oil production.

“With Norway being one of the world leaders in reducing carbon dioxide emissions, we are able to learn from this great region by developing wind-powered turbines to power our Snorre oil field, thus reducing our carbon footprint,” said Arikawa.

“As an energy company, we are mindful of the environment and the social implications of our business. We seek harmony of the environment and society together with energy security,” he concluded.