Japan’s Hirose Electric Co. is one of the world’s most trusted manufacturers of high-performance connectors. Serving key industries, the company has been committed to producing high-quality electronic products since 1937.

Recognizing the importance of the growing Chinese market, HRS Electric Trading (Shanghai) Co. (est. 2003) was reorganized as Hirose Electric (China) Co. in 2018. Today, the company contributes to China’s electronics industry by developing connectors for industry leaders.

“We have become a leader in the industry by delivering a wide range of high-quality and innovative products,” said Takao Kimura, chief operating officer of Hirose Electric (China) Co.

The company’s success is based on three core pillars — access to capital, a highly skilled workforce and close working relations with customers.

In a move to strengthen its relationships with customers in China, the company has expanded its operations and opened several offices in key industrial regions across the country. This has enabled Hirose Electric (China) Co. to close the distance between the company and customers.

In addition to offices in Shanghai, Shenzhen and Beijing that carry out marketing efforts across greater China, offices in Guangzhou, Chongqing and Changchun have enabled the company to work more closely with existing customers as well as reach out to new clients.

“We intend to strengthen our leading position and grow our business in the rapidly expanding Chinese electronics market,” said Kimura.

While North America and China address trade issues, Hirose Electric (China) Co. will develop its business in China and the region by challenging the competition and exploring opportunities in other markets.

“Despite growing competition from local Chinese companies, which are delivering high-quality, cost-competitive products and services, our strong reputation puts us in a position to develop our business,” said Kimura.

“Increased automotive production, especially of electric vehicles, is expected to drive the global automotive market over the next few years and in line with this, the future is bright for Hirose Electric (China) Co.”