Provefrut’s founders Alfredo Zeller and Francisco Correa started the company with a clear vision in mind: To create an innovative company that promotes a culture of good values with an emphasis on social responsibility. In practice, the two entrepreneurs have nurtured the development of its partners, environmental sustainability and the efficient use of energy resources.

In commemoration of its 30th anniversary this year, Provefrut is embarking on a new chapter, starting with the unveiling of a new corporate image and relaunch of its website that presents its new outlook and branding.

CEO Alfredo Zeller is optimistic about the growth of the company in the coming years, particularly its prospects in Japan, one of the country’s top three markets. Twenty years ago, Provefrut first sold frozen broccoli, its main product, to Japan, which has since become Ecuador’s largest buyer of frozen vegetables.

“We understand what Japanese customers look for, which is why we have been and we will keep on investing in quality. This partnership works because of the consistent quality we keep, the constant supply we are able to provide and the relationships we have taken care of throughout the years,” Zeller said.