The climate emergency and its consequences have taken the entire world to a point where diagnoses are no longer enough. Moving from words to action as countries, as citizens and businesses is imperative.

Arauco has embraced the challenges raised by global warming by driving an ambitious plan regarding climate matters.

Its agenda takes into consideration the significant contribution in capturing carbon dioxide through the sustainable management of plantations and the restoration and conservation of native forests. There is nothing in the world today better than trees to reduce excess carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, and that is why Arauco is not leaving them out.

In addition, the company contributed to the needed diversification of the energy matrix of the countries where it maintains operations.

But Arauco is not complacent. The magnitude of the challenge has tested the capabilities of the company. It was inspired by Ethiopia, which was able to plant millions of trees in just 12 hours.

This level of ambition has led Arauco to set its next goal: to become the world’s first certified carbon neutral forestry company. It will also join the Science Based Targets, an initiative aimed at companies wanting to adhere to science-based emissions reduction to curb the planet’s rising temperature.

Business activities are usually known for setting ambitious objectives to achieve economic success. That same ambitious drive, in service of climate action, will allow Arauco to make a concrete and long-lasting contribution to the planet.