In just five years, JESCO Hoa Binh Engineering JSC (JHE), a joint venture between Vietnamese and Japanese companies, has achieved dramatic and rapid growth with annual sales reaching $21.6 million in 2018, approximately eight times the sales made in 2013 ($2.6 million), a year prior to the JHE joint venture.

JHE was established in 2014 between Vietnam’s leading general contractor Hoa Binh Construction Co. and JESCO Asia JSC, a subsidiary of Japan’s JESCO Holdings Inc.

Toshiyuki Mitsumoto, general director of JHE, believes the dedication and unity of his team of over 200 employees has been central to the success of the company.

“The key to success is to understand the human relationships with the Vietnamese people, building strong teamwork where all our employees can unite to achieve a common goal,” said Mitsumoto.

“Last year we participated in numerous corporate social responsibility initiatives, including donating blood to the Vietnam Red Cross and providing uniforms and stationery to schools educating children from low-income households,” said Mitsumoto. “These activities bring our company closer together and enable us to give back to the communities in which we work.’’

Over the course of the next five years, Mitsumoto plans to increase JHE’s business. Vietnam’s real estate and construction industries show no sign of slowing down and the company also sees opportunities in neighboring Southeast Asian markets.

“We focus on building trust and developing relationships with our customers and have collaborated with leading private developers in Vietnam such as Nam Long (Flora Mizuki Park), NovaLand (Sunrise City View), Gamuda Land (Celadon City) and Tien Phat (Ascent Lakeside) in addition to working on public sector projects. Last year we were awarded the prestigious High Quality Construction prize from the Ministry of Construction,” said Mitsumoto.

“We have achieved success by delivering the best quality service that is also safe and on time. Rather than aiming to become the number one mechanical, electrical and plumbing services company in Vietnam, we intend to become the best company we can be by working closely with our trusted clients and continuing to contribute to the development of Vietnam,” Mitsumoto concluded.