This year marks the golden jubilee anniversary of Daikin Airconditioning Singapore Pte. Ltd. (Daikin Singapore). Through the slogan, “Together, we are 1,” the company remains as committed to Singapore today as it has been for the last five decades.

In 1968, three years after the founding of the Republic of Singapore as a sovereign city state, Daikin became one of the first Japanese companies to establish a presence in Singapore.

“Over the last 50 years, we have grown and progressed our business in line with Singapore’s own development,” said Daikin Singapore’s Managing Director Liu Shaw Jiun. “Fifty years later, we continue to develop, shape and lead the market.”

A ‘people-centered’ management philosophy

Daikin Singapore’s “people-centered management” philosophy has served the company well for 50 years. 

“We hold our people in very high regard and believe in the infinite potential of the individual,” said Liu. “We believe if we invest in our people, they will grow, succeed and ultimately do their best for our company and for our customers. Our aim is to instill pride and loyalty in our people and support them as they develop a passion and perseverance for their work.”

Employee progression and development is fundamental to Daikin Singapore’s success. Training programs such as the ‘Future Leaders Program’ and the ‘Young Shining Star’ aim to identify the best candidates for managerial positions. By recognizing talented and hardworking employees, Daikin Singapore encourages people to reach their full potential.

The company was also the first and only to offer workforce skills qualification courses in air conditioning installation, commissioning and maintenance, and interactive seminars to provide insight to customers such as dealers, contractors and consultants.

Innovating together

Daikin Singapore has achieved many innovation-driven firsts in the Singaporean market. 

In the late 1970s, the Singaporean government implemented policies to reduce energy consumption in large-scale public housing projects. In response, Daikin Singapore pioneered and introduced the first multi-split, energy efficient residential air conditioning units for Singaporean homeowners.

The mid-1980s saw a global energy crisis. As Singaporean companies announced cost-cutting measures, Daikin Singapore introduced the country’s first variable refrigerant volume (VRV) system. 

This highly effective and energy-saving air conditioning technology was designed for commercial buildings and delivered cost-saving solutions to Singapore’s business community. 

Daikin Singapore gained recognition in the commercial air conditioning market during this period and the company holds a significant market share in this segment today.

Singapore’s National Environment Agency introduced mandatory energy labeling scheme for products in the mid-1990s to help consumers compare energy efficiency and make more informed purchasing decisions. The 5-ticks rating, which now represents the highest efficiency ratings for air conditioners, was popularized by Daikin Singapore via its Smile series.

The introduction of the company’s environmentally friendlier R-32 Multi-Split system air conditioner delivers 70 percent less ‘Global Warming Potential.’ The unit was first launched in Singapore and exemplifies Daikin Singapore’s commitment to delivering innovative solutions for a sustainable community.

“Through the company’s pioneering approach to local markets, Daikin is proud to deliver tailored solutions to all our customers,” said Liu. 

“In Singapore, this strategy has enabled us to stay one step ahead of the competition and remain a valued contributor to Singaporean society.”

Together supporting you

Daikin Singapore’s market-leading position is due, in part, to the company’s ability to listen to clients and focus on customer needs.

“We ensure residential, large corporates, small-to-medium-size enterprises and public sector customers always receive the best sales and after-sales care,” said Liu. 

“We are dedicated to delivering excellence in all aspects of our business; we always put the client first and, as we say to customers, we are ‘everywhere with you’ and ‘we are first, because we put you first.”

To provide more accessibility to Daikin Singapore’s products and services, the company opened five “Proshops” islandwide. The one-stop-shops cater to all Daikin customers’ needs through in-store specialists and interactive touch screen monitors designed to help customers decide on the most suitable air conditioning product.

With the largest in-house service team in Singapore, Daikin Singapore’s highly trained technicians are focused on delivering world-class customer service.

Together making a difference

“As a part of our corporate philosophy, we have always believed in progressing together with society and extending our support to those in need. As we mark our 50th golden jubilee year, we look forward to celebrating the occasion with greater volunteering efforts than before, rallying our colleagues in giving to the less privileged. Such community involvement provides opportunities for us to come ‘together as 1,’ to assist residents in elderly care homes and bring joy to the less fortunate families and children across Singapore,” said Daikin Singapore’s Promotion and Communication Executive Angeline Poh. 

Achieving together

Introducing innovative products designed to improve the lives of Singaporeans and protect the environment will ensure Daikin Singapore continues to achieve success there.

“With the ‘internet of things’ and the development of smart homes, we offer integrated systems to perfect our cooling solutions, taking air conditioning beyond its previous limitations,” said Liu. 

“Our D’SmartHome enables cross-brand connectivity and we intend to introduce super energy-efficient products. These incorporate monitoring and analytical technology to further minimize energy loss.” 

“Looking toward the next 50 years, we want to repay the trust and faith our customers have placed in our products. We’re expanding our regional network and leading more innovative initiatives across the region. As we grow into an excellence hub in Singapore, we will go into the next phase of our exciting journey together with you because, ‘together we are 1.’”