Located at the highest point of Dallas County and just 20 minutes from the city center, Cedar Hill is situated in one of the fastest-growing metropolitan areas of the United States, replete with tremendous potential and opportunities.

Culturally, economically and geographically, Cedar Hill’s appeal is broad and palpable.

“Its prime location within the metro area is a key strength, as well as its easy access to major thoroughfares, the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport, and International Inland Port of Dallas. It provides businesses with a competitive advantage with regards to logistics, as well as various transit options for locals and visitors,” said Mayor Rob Franke, who also heads the Dallas-Fort Worth Regional Transportation Council.

With its low cost of doing business, ample workforce, low-risk location and attractive quality of life, Cedar Hill is experiencing an influx of both startups and established companies. Setting up a branch in the city could yield handsome dividends for young companies looking to expand in the United States and for multinationals pursuing long-term, global growth.

Cedar Hill provides a fresh, natural approach to development and welcomes any Japanese company looking for a place to call home in Texas.