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Hiab, originating in Sweden, revolutionized the global load-handling industry in the 1940s with the invention of the world’s first hydraulic truck mounted loader crane.

As part of the Cargotec Corporation, Hiab rapidly became the world’s leading provider of on-road load-handling equipment, establishing thriving businesses in more than 100 countries, few more successfully than in Japan.

“We have developed our business steadily over the past 45 years in Japan, in particular by developing the market for knuckle boom cranes,” said Toshiya Suzuki, president of Hiab in Japan.

“Today Hiab Crane is synonymous with knuckle boom cranes in the Japanese market and we are the market leader in forestry, iron scrap handling and waste management.”

Hiab Japan carries a full range of load-handling equipment including Hiab loader cranes, Loglift and Jonsered cranes, Multilift demountables, and Zepro tail lifts.

“We have many loyal customers in Japan due to the reliability and durability of our products,” said Suzuki.

Hiab is once again revolutionizing crane operations with the recent introduction of its award-winning

HiVision™ control system which allows operators to work safely and comfortably inside the truck cabin with the use of virtual reality goggles and two electrical joysticks.

“It is important for us to further develop our business in Japan by strengthening our commitment to customer satisfaction,” said Suzuki.